Water Works Carwash


At Water Works Carwash, we strive to provide you with a clean, dry, and shiny car wash experience. To ensure clarity and set proper expectations, please read the following:

What We're Not Responsible For:

  • Antennas & Shark Fin Antennas: Please retract or remove these items to prevent any potential damage.
  • Windshield Wiper Components: For their protection, please ensure they’re in the down position.
  • Non-Factory Installed Items: Any aftermarket additions or modifications are at your own risk.
  • Glass Chips or Cracks: Ensure your vehicle’s glass is intact to prevent further damage.
  • Mirrors, Sunroofs, & Spare Tire Covers: These items should be secure and in good condition.
  • Bug Shields, Wind/Rain Deflectors, & Emblems: Secure or remove to avoid potential damage.
  • Running Boards, Wheel Covers, Pinstriping, & Body Molding: Secure or remove these items to prevent any issues.
  • Decals, Wraps, & Repainted Vehicles: Ensure these are properly adhered and in good condition.
  • Vehicles Over 7 Years Old: Older vehicles may have wear and tear that could affect the wash outcome.

Additional Guidelines:

  • Truck Beds: Must be clean, empty, and free of debris.
  • Trailer Hitches & Bike Racks: Please remove these items before entering.
  • Auxiliary Fuel Tanks/Lockers: Not allowed for safety reasons.
  • Special Equipment: We reserve the right to retract our equipment for vehicles with brush guards, winches, light bars, etc., and cannot guarantee wash quality.
  • Light Show Advisory: Our wash includes a light show which may not be suitable for individuals with photosensitivity or claustrophobia. Please consult a staff member for more information.
  • Braking & Driving Through the Tunnel: We are not responsible for any collisions that may occur due to braking or driving through the car wash tunnel.

By using our car wash services, you acknowledge and accept these terms and guidelines. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation to ensure a safe and satisfying experience for all our customers.